Support Policy  

The EmperorLinux standard Support Care Package includes one year of phone and email technical support for Linux as described below. This support extends to the original purchaser or the end-user initially identified at the time of order placement.

Linux Support:

EmperorLinux, Inc. (EmperorLinux) provides the Linux operating system (Linux OS) (in the form of several different Linux software distributions) installed, configured, and tested on hardware that we have tested and certify to be Linux compatible. EmperorLinux strives to provide the state of the art in Linux support on all our hardware offerings. This means we will provide technical support for your use of a Linux OS installed by EmperorLinux on systems purchased from EmperorLinux. This support covers hardware components of the system listed on our website as supported under Linux as of the date of your purchase. We may offer and install peripherals, whether external or internal to a laptop or notebook system, that are not supplied by the same manufacturer as the laptop or notebook system. EmperorLinux guarantees that all peripherals purchased from us on a particular order will function properly under Linux on the system for which they were ordered. EmperorLinux makes no warranty as to the function of any system or peripherals under any OS that is not a Linux OS installed by EmperorLinux.

Linux Kernel Upgrades:

All EmperorLinux systems ship with one or more custom kernels (the empkernel) that are specifically designed for use on a particular laptop or notebook. The Linux kernel is the core of the Linux OS, and the empkernel is required to get the full functionality of the system hardware under Linux. EmperorLinux does not recommend, support or warrant the use of a stock distribution kernel on our systems. Customers have access to source and pre-compiled native package versions of up to date empkernels on our website.

Linux OS Upgrades:

If, within the first three (3) months of system ownership, the end user decides to upgrade the installed Linux OS to the next latest version of that Linux distribution, we will provide installation support, updated configuration files (the empconfigs), and an updated kernel (the empkernel) via email and or download free of charge. Any upgrades after three months or any upgrades to a different Linux distribution will require a Depot install.

Hardware warranty:

The hardware warranty is provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and EmperorLinux does not provide any hardware warranty. EmperorLinux will assist the customer in a determination of whether a particular support issue is hardware or software related. If the problem is hardware related, the end user customer will interact directly with the OEM for hardware warranty service.

Windows Support:

We do not provide any support for Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows OS). If your EmperorLinux system has a dual-boot of Windows and Linux, the Windows OS was installed by the hardware manufacturer, and all Windows support questions should be directed to them. EmperorLinux does not offer support for, or express or imply warranty for any peripherals, either internal or external to the machine, as functioning under the Windows OS.