Customers Happy EmperorLinux customers who keep coming back for more laptops

EmperorLinux provides Linux Laptops with full hardware support under Linux. Since 1999 we have supplied professional grade Linux systems to engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and astronomers at 87 different government labs, and over three hundred universities. We have also supplied over five hundred corporate clients.

We have a proven track record for winning these customers' trust, and most have been back many times over for additional laptops. We have outfitted entire university departments, done large-scale government roll-outs, and supplied 12-person start-ups as well.

Our customers come from all walks of life, from private individuals to corporations and universities. It is quite common for our customers to have installed their own Linux systems in the past. They come to us because they remember how much effort they put in to get things working. They need a laptop:

  • with full Linux hardware support
  • that is ready out-of-the-box
  • supported by knowledgeable technical experts
  • backed by a solid warranty

In the world of university research, our customers are typically nuclear physicists, computer scientists, medical imaging researchers, and astronomers. Our government customers use our systems for data aquisition, real-time data analysis, and the development and testing of training simulations. In the corporate world, we typically serve web site and database developers, JAVA developers, and quantitative analysts. Private individuals order our systems to do everything from research and school work to coding and gaming. Others may be long time Linux users happy to find current laptops running the OS of their choice, or they may simply want a tool on which to learn Linux. The uses to which our Linux laptops can be applied are limited only by your imagination.