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In keeping with our obsessive belief that Linux is the finest operating system available anywhere at any price, we need to tell you some things.

EmperorLinux is virtually hosted by an i686 running Linux at Hurricane Electric. The pages are served to you by Apache.

The entire website was developed on Linux with free software, including Vim, Bash (for scripting), NEdit, PHP, and Perl. We keep our revisions stashed away inside Subversion.

All of our artwork, including our logos and print advertising, was generated using The GIMP, Scribus, and Inkscape, powerful image manipulation software that is available free with Linux. Technical white papers on the site and our user's manuals are the output of the LaTeX document preparation system, also free. Our business books are kept up to the date with the aid of GnuCash. Our internal databases are run by MySQL. We do our math homework with Octave, and we surf with Lynx and Firefox. We handle email with mutt, Evolution, and Thunderbird.

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