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How to use this table: Click on the heading of each column to sort the table by that item. Click the column heading again to sort in reverse order. For example, click on Weight to sort the systems from lightest to heaviest. Then, click Weight a second time to sort from heaviest to lightest. You may also check a maximum of 3 checkboxes to compare those models side by side.

 SystemBased OnCPULCDRAMDiskOpticalWeightPrice
Ant FZ-G1Panasonic FZ-G12.4 I5D10.1" @ 1920x12008 G256 -- 2.25 lbs$3550.00 O
Ant FZ-M1Panasonic FZ-M11.6 I5D7" @ 1280x8008 G128 -- 1.2 lbs$2800.00 O
Ant FZ-Q2Panasonic FZ-Q21.1 M5D12.5" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- 2.3 lbs$3050.00 O
Caiman 12 Rugged ExtremeDell 121.7 I7D11.6" @ 1366x76816 G256 -- 6 lbs$5480.00 C
Caiman 12 Rugged ExtremeDell 122.0 I5D11.6" @ 1366x7688 G128 -- 6 lbs$4500.00 C
Caiman E6430 ATG TSDell E64302.7 I7Q14" @ 1366x7688 G128DVD+/-RW6.2 lbs$3200.00 C
Hornet CF-H2Panasonic CF-H21.9 I5D10.1" @ 1024x7684 G500 -- 3.4 lbs$3500.00 O
Koala E7250Dell E72502.3 I5D12.5" @ 1366x7688 G128 -- 2.99 lbs$2080.00 C
Koala E7250Dell E72502.6 I7D12.5" @ 1920x108016 G512 -- 2.99 lbs$3100.00 C
Koala E7270Dell E72702.4 I5D12.5" @ 1366x7688 G128 -- 2.99 lbs$2150.00 C
Koala E7270Dell E72702.6 I7D12.5" @ 1920x108016 G512 -- 2.99 lbs$3410.00 C
Raptor P51 4KThinkPad P512.7 I7Q15.6" @ 3840x216016 G256 -- 5.9 lbs$3250.00 C
Raptor P51 NVThinkPad P513.1 E3Q15.6" @ 1920x108016 G256 -- 5.9 lbs$3150.00 C
Raptor P51sThinkPad P51s2.7 I7D15.6" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- 4.39 lbs$2100.00 O
Raptor P51sThinkPad P51s2.8 I7D15.6" @ 3840x21608 G256 -- 4.39 lbs$2750.00 O
Raptor P71ThinkPad P712.9 I7Q17.3" @ 1920x108016 G512DVD+/-RW7.3 lbs$3550.00 C
Raptor P71 4KThinkPad P713.1 E3Q17.3" @ 3840x216016 G512DVD+/-RW7.3 lbs$4280.00 C
Raven X1 Carbon G4ThinkPad X12.4 I5D14" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- 2.579 lbs$2100.00 C
Raven X1 Carbon G4ThinkPad X12.6 I7D14" @ 2560x144016 G512 -- 2.579 lbs$3180.00 C
Raven X1 Yoga G2ThinkPad X12.7 I7D14" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- 2.99 lbs$3000.00 S
Raven X1 Yoga G2ThinkPad X12.8 I7D14" @ 2560x144016 G512 -- 2.99 lbs$4100.00 S
Raven X1 Yoga G3ThinkPad X11.9 I7Q14" @ 2560x144016 G512 -- 2.99 lbs$4100.00 S
Raven X280ThinkPad X2802.6 I5D12.5" @ 1920x108016 G512 -- 3.18 lbs$2970.00 C
Rhino E5570Dell E55702.4 I5D15.6" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- 6 lbs$1900.00 C
Rhino M7510 4KDell M75102.9 E3Q15.6" @ 3840x216032 G512 -- 6.16 lbs$3710.00 C
Rhino M7510 NVDell M75102.9 I7Q15.6" @ 1920x108016 G256 -- 6.16 lbs$2600.00 C
Rhino M7710 4KDell M77102.9 E3Q17.3" @ 3840x216032 G512 -- 7.77 lbs$4780.00 C
Rhino M7710 NVDell M77102.7 I7Q17.3" @ 1920x108016 G256 -- 7.77 lbs$3350.00 C
Rhino M7720 4KDell M77203.1 E3Q17.3" @ 3840x216032 G512 -- 7.77 lbs$4780.00 C
Rhino M7720 NVDell M77202.9 I7Q17.3" @ 1920x108016 G256 -- 7.77 lbs$3350.00 C
Scarab CF-54Panasonic CF-542.4 I5D14" @ 1366x7684 G500 -- 4.6 lbs$2500.00 O
Scarab CF-54 AMDPanasonic CF-542.4 I5D14" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- 4.6 lbs$3600.00 O
Scarab CF-54 AMDPanasonic CF-542.6 I7D14" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- 4.6 lbs$4400.00 O
Scarab CF-54 TSPanasonic CF-542.4 I5D14" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- 4.6 lbs$3050.00 O
Scarab CF-54 TSPanasonic CF-542.6 I7D14" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- 4.6 lbs$3450.00 O
Scorpion CF-C2 TDPanasonic CF-C22.0 I5D12.5" @ 1366x7684 G500 -- 3.95 lbs$2750.00 O
Tarantula CF-31Panasonic CF-312.3 I5D13.1" @ 1024x7684 G500 -- 7.9 lbs$4500.00 C
Tarantula CF-31Panasonic CF-312.6 I7D13.1" @ 1024x7688 G500 -- 7.9 lbs$4880.00 C
Tarantula CF-33Panasonic CF-332.6 I5D12" @ 2160x14408 G256 -- 6.1 lbs$4050.00 O
Tarantula CF-33Panasonic CF-332.8 I7D12" @ 2160x144016 G512 -- 6.1 lbs$5400.00 O
Tiger E6440Dell E64402.6 I5D14" @ 1600x9004 G500DVD+/-RW4.7 lbs$1900.00 C
Toucan T470ThinkPad T4702.7 I7D14" @ 1920x108016 G512 -- 3.49 lbs$2500.00 C
Toucan T470sThinkPad T470s2.7 I7D14" @ 1920x10808 G256 -- 2.9 lbs$2350.00 C
Toucan T470sThinkPad T470s2.8 I7D14" @ 2560x144016 G512 -- 2.9 lbs$2800.00 C
Toucan T480sThinkPad T480s1.9 I7Q14" @ 2560x144016 G512 -- 2.9 lbs$3450.00 C
Toucan T570ThinkPad T5702.4 I5D15.6" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- 4.88 lbs$1950.00 C
Wasp CF-20 TPanasonic CF-201.1 M5D10.1" @ 1920x12008 G128 -- 3.9 lbs$4050.00 O

I7Q: Intel Core i7 Quad  I7D: Intel Core i7 Duo  I5D: Intel Core i5 Duo  I3D: Intel Core i3 Duo  
CEL4: Intel Celeron Quad  E3Q: Intel Xeon E3 Quad  M5D: Intel Core m5 Duo  
S: Stock, Order Today  O: Order ships in 3-5 days  C: Configurable, 7-10 days  
L: Ltd. Avail., Call