The Caiman (Dell Latitude ATG) is our most ecconomical semi-rugged Linux laptop.  The Caiman ATG carries a MIL-STD-810F certification for ruggedness and offers a selection of processor, RAM, hard drive size, optical drive, and more.

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All systems come with Linux Pre-Configured using the empkernel to provide full hardware support (dual boot available), our user's manual, and one year of toll-free phone and email tech support.

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Manufacturer InfoEmperorLinux Caiman E5424 (Dell E5424)
Pre-installed LinuxFedora LogoUbuntu LogoRed Hat Enterprise Linux LogoCentOS LogoDebian LogoSuSE LogoSlackware Logo
Processor and RAM1900 Mhz Core i7 Quad Intel i7-8650U w/ 8192 KB cache (4200 MHz max turbo, 15 W max TDP)
4 GB (slot 1) + 4 GB (slot 2)
32 GB max supported RAM, 2400 MHz clock speed
GraphicsFull Linux support: 14"FHD at 1920x1080
Full Linux support: AMD Radeon 540, 64 Bit
External display:
Full Linux support: HDMI
Disks512 GB Hard Disk (PCIe3(x4) / NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) (M.2))
NetworkingFull Linux support: 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet (e1000e)
Full Linux support: 802.11a/g/n (100Mbps+) WiFi
Full Linux support: Bluetooth
SoundFull Linux support: Internal 44.1kHz stereo sound chip
WebCamFull Linux support: WebCam (Optional)
Battery6-cell, 102 Watt Hours
Estimated Life: 8 hours
Power ManagementACPI compliant BIOS
Full Linux support: Suspend to Ram
PortsFull Linux support: 4 USB
Full Linux support: 1 RJ45 (ethernet)
Full Linux support: 1 HDMI
Full Linux support: 1 Serial
Full Linux support: 1 Secure Digital
Size6 pounds
13.66in (w) x 9.63in (d) x 1.75in (t)
Keyboard19 mm pitch (full size)
87 key U.S. layout
Dual Boot OptionsManufacturer OS: Win10 Pro
"Blue Keys"Full Linux support: Volume Up: [Fn][Page Up]
Full Linux support: Volume Down: [Fn][Page Down]
Full Linux support: Volume Off: [Fn][End]
Full Linux support: LCD Brightness Up: [Fn][Up Arrow]
Full Linux support: LCD Brightness Down: [Fn][Down Arrow]
Full Linux support: Toggle External VGA: [Fn][F8]
Full Linux support: Suspend to RAM: [Fn][F1]
Special NotesSemi rugged
WarrantiesSystem: Dell 3 year Mail-In Economy
Battery: 12 months
Included AccessoriesAC Adapter

Full Linux support: = Full Linux support   Partial Linux support: = Partial Linux support    No Linux support: = No Linux support   

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Caiman E54241.7 I5Q14" @ 1920x10808 G500 -- Y3 CN$1900.00 C
Caiman E54241.9 I7Q14" @ 1920x10808 G512 -- Y6 CN$3800.00 C

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Accessories Some accessories recommended for this model
gigabit ExpressCard
External SATA drive caddy
2-port eSATA ExpressCard
Optical Mouse
USB key 16GB