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Yes, our specialty is Linux, but you can have your system as a dual-boot with Linux and Windows.

We don't do any Windows installs, or have any resources to do so, but we can easily shrink the existing Windows partition and put Linux on the rest of your disk.

There is usually no extra charge for the dual-boot configuration. The prices on this site reflect a free dual-boot with Windows XP Home, which originally comes on the machines from the manufacturer.

Windows XP Pro is available on many systems for $100 extra.

Either way, your system will come with the GRUB boot loader installed, which will allow you to boot into several different Linux kernels or Windows.

We will also configure multiple Linuxes on a single machine on custom orders. A recent example would be a triple-boot: EmperorLinux FC2 - Debian Unstable - Windows XP Pro.

Talk about a really impressive box to show around to your buddies, three operating systems in only 3 pounds!