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  Since we use only the highest quality systems from Dell, Lenovo/IBM, Sharp, and Sony, you are assured of a laptop that will stand up to your demands for years to come.
Koala Image Koala

The world's smallest dual-core Linux laptop, the Dell-based Koala E7250 weighs 3 pounds and packs in a 12.5" FHD LCD, EVDO, 512GB Solid State Drive, and 16GB RAM. Also check out the Raven X250.
Toucan Image Toucan

For the power of a large system (Core i7, 16GB, Solid State Drives, FHD+ displays) without sacrificing portability, the ThinkPad-based Toucan T450s and Raptor W541 / W550s Linux laptops are hard to beat.
Rhino Image Rhino

Our Dell-based Rhino M4800 system is the fastest, highest resolution Linux laptop available. It pairs high performance 3-D with 3200x1800 QHD+ LCDs, and 32GB RAM. The Rhino M6800, with 32GB RAM, Quad-core CPU, dual 750GB drives, a 17.3" FHD LED screen, and nVidia K5100M (1536 Cuda cores) is also available.
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