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Hardware Support EmperorLinux offers total hardware support
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All major hardware in our laptop and notebook systems is supported in Linux. The EmperorLinux research staff modifies all the popular Linux distros in many specific ways to provide the best possible portable Linux distribution. These include a customized kernel (packed with driver patches and half the size of distribution kernels); a chip-specific X-server with hardware acceleration; full support for PCMCIA, USB, and FireWire devices; full support for 10/100/1000 (gigabit) ethernet and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless; pre-configured power management; modem; stereo sound; and more. (There is extensive detail on the following topics in the supplied owner's manual.) Detailed information about mobile wireless broadband (EVDO, HSDPA, etc) and the Intel Core Duo is also available.

All this is done completely with GNU-GPL software. At EmperorLinux, you don't pay extra for commercial X-servers and sound support, because we only use laptops for which the hardware is known to be supported by truly free software.

X Window System
FireWire (IEEE-1394)
External SATA (eSATA)
Wireless 802.11
Power Management: Suspend and Hibernate
Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
Port Replicator

Port replicators are fully tested and supported; plug in your big desktop monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer. (The Emperor uses an HP LaserJet 2100 connected to his Toucan via the IBM port replicator.) It all works flawlessly. But most importantly, it works with your Palm Pilot.

Parallel Port (25 pin)

Tested with: HJ DeskJet 320, HJ DeskJet 648C (color), HP LaserJet 2100, Epson 9, 24 pin, Tek Phaser 780, Iomega Zip drives - all sizes

Serial Port (9 pin)

Tested with: Palm Pilot 5000, Palm III, Palm V, (also used to debug the Emperor's DSL router)...

VGA Port (15 pin)

All systems tested to display external VGA to desktop CRT's, flat LCD panels, and LCD projectors. All systems can display their native resolution to the external screen, or any lower resolution. Certain models can send higher resolution than native to the external display. Some even have NVIDIA TwinView (Rhino) support.


Some of our higher-end professional systems feature S-Video output, allowing you to connect your system to any TV with an S-Video input. S-Video capable TV's can generally display 800x600, and HDTV's can display 1024x768. Currently, the Rhino has the best S-Video support.

PCMCIA / CardBus
Compact Flash
Solid State Drive
Web Camera