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Adriane Swalm Durey - History Directing creatively since 1999
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Adriane was introduced to Linux (Slackware) at Tulane University in 1996. (She was introduced to Unix in 1993 when she began her Bachelors Degree.) She did most of her Computer Engineering coursework on various Sun workstations in the Tulane EECS department. Her Linux experience began with converting ancient PCs into Linux boxes to act as mini-webservers as part of the TURNIP project, and she was hooked in process. She fell in love with her husband Lincoln over the conversion of her personal PC to Slackware. (Well, not quite, but around the same time.) While still at Tulane, her Electrical Engineering Masters thesis research (done largely in MATLAB) and her thesis itself (thank goodness for LaTeX equations) were composed on Linux systems.

During her move from Tulane to Georgia Tech, Adriane became more entrenched in her use of Linux. Her Ph.D. research on automatic recognition of music from a melody was developed in Linux using lots of C, Perl, HTK, and a little help from GTK (and many, many compute cycles). Most of this work was done on her EmperorLinux BlackPerl laptop. Her dissertation was, of course, written in LaTeX on the same laptop (this time thanking LaTeX for equations and beautiful music typesetting).

Adriane continues to work with Linux on a day-to-day basis on her Raven X31, both in her continuing postdoctoral work in speech coding at Georgia Tech and in her capacity as Communications Director of EmperorLinux. All the artwork on this site, all the ads that you see in magazines like Linux Journal, and other artistic forays are all pursued using Linux tools, such as The GIMP.