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Lincoln Durey - History Our founder and president has used Linux since 1994
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Lincoln was introduced to Linux (Slackware) at Tulane University in 1994. He did all his EE doctorate work (Matlab, LaTeX) on his personal P90 with Linux (and the fdiv bug!) and on many Tulane EE lab and Vision Lab computers. He eventually infected the Naval Research Lab at Stennis Space Center with Linux, as well. During the 2.5 hours a day he spent commuting from Tulane to NRL-SSC, he was always thinking "I need a laptop to run Matlab and LaTeX right now!" Back then laptops were pitiful (800x600 dstn), and his Linux friends said, "It isn't worth it." Times had changed by 1999 when he installed his first Linux Laptop, the Sony 505, and dubbed it the BlackPerl. Thence was born EmperorLinux.