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EmperorLinux employees spend their paid--and free--time working on various Open Source projects. Below you'll find a list of some of these projects, all of which are freely available and fall under the GPL.

[EmperorLinux Contrib: emptool

Emptool is EmperorLinux's answer to the some of the common problems many new users encounter during their experiences with Linux. Written entirely in Python, Emptool implements the majority of it's functionality using plugins and modules, allowing users to only include those components they need or want. It features such things as automatic version upgrades, an advanced OSD (On-Screen Display) mechanism, and comes with an evolving library of code to simplify development for plugin writers.

download || documentation

[EmperorLinux Contrib: wireless]

Wireless Connectivity Module

The Emptool wireless module finally makes wireless connectivity easy in Linux, and stands apart from the numerous other wireless configuration applications in many ways. It supports WEP, WPA-PSK, scanning, static configuration, and uses the PyIW Python module internally.

download || documentation

[EmperorLinux Contrib: remoteadmin]

Remote Administration Module

Again providing a graphical wrapper for one of our core components, this modules lets the user initiate and observe a remote administration session (a secure SSH tunnel) by simply clicking a button.

download || documentation

[EmperorLinux Contrib: acpi]

ACPI Configuration Module

EmperorLinux distributes a custom ACPID framework with every laptop it ships. This module provides a grahpical interface for interacting with that framework, in addition to a few extra fetures, such as displaying the current system temperature, CPU speed, etc.

download || documentation

[EmperorLinux Contrib: bugreport]

Bug Report Module

This module allows you to quickly and easily send feedback to EmperorLinux without having to use any external programs or MTAs (such as sendmail or postfix).

download || documentation

[EmperorLinux Contrib: pyiw]

PyIW is a simple Python extension module written in C that interfaces with libiw and provides a very "pythonic" API to programmers. It was developed primarily for use with Emptool, and has only been tested using Centrino and Atheros cards. However, it does support these cards very well (and even increases the 5 second timeout enforced in libiw during scans) and will likely work seemlessly with any card that supports WE17 or higher.

download || documentation

[EmperorLinux Contrib: pywpa]

PyWPA is another Python extension module written in C that interfaces with wpa_supplicant, providing a layer over the wpa_ctrl interface. It was developed primarily for use with Emptool, and still in a __very__ alpha state.

download || documentation