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EmperorLinux provides several targeted mailing lists that you may be interested in, either as an existing customer (with a system under support), or as a prospective customer, or even just someone interested in portable Linux.

These lists are all very low traffic (1 message per month on average), and are tightly focused on your particular system, and your Linux distribution. Having multiple lists means we can have extremely low traffic to the lists you are subscribed to, and that any messages sent out will apply directly to your portable Linux system.

If you are just beginning to look for a portable Linux system, or have a system that may need replacement soon, you can keep track of upcoming products with our (very low traffic) "Announce" list.

  • New laptops we are providing with Linux pre-installed
  • New Linux distributions we are offering
  • New technologies coming to the portable Linux scene

EmperorLinux customers also enjoy machine-specific and distribution-specific mailing lists to provide updates for new hardware support and Linux OS updates. When your system ships, you can join there lists to keep track of updates. There is also an empkernel mailing list for kernel updates.

If you are interested in cool out-of-the-ordinary things you can do with Linux on a portable system, Lincoln (our Founder and President) has his own little list called "Lincoln's Logbook".

Upcoming topics on Lincoln's list include:

  • Current power management state of the art
  • Best systems for specific jobs
  • Backup and data synchronization on a Linux laptop
  • How SCSI device assignment works in Linux