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Have an experience with EmperorLinux that you'd like to share with the world (or just one you'd to share with us)? Please email us your Linux laptop stories. If you are willing to let us post them here, please add the following line to your email: "I grant EmperorLinux permission to reprint this message."

said ...
"A major Hollywood studio utilized a Rhino M70 laptop running Fedora 4 to develop custom image analysis and processing software for a major motion picture released in summer 2006. The Rhino M70 was used not only for code development, but actually processed tens of thousands of digitized film frames for the final release of the blockbuster hit." (2006-08-31)
said ...
"As far as I'm concerned, Both Dell and EmperorLinux have fantastic products and service that complement each other, and besides that, you and your crew are good guys and gals! Basically, I use my machine to play on. I am currently a retired Unix-trained graphics programmer and write most of my stuff in C and the XWindow system. I use my Rhino mostly for storing and accessing digital photographs and short, mpg movies. On my recent trip the US, I took my Rhino with me and was able to "stay ahead" of the problem of downloading photos, sorting through them and writing captions because I did it as I went along. I ended up with 1302 photos, all accessible in neat, 20-photo groups using HTML that I especially wrote. I have a collection of programs that allow me to preserve the actual date and time a photo was made, flag photos for exclusion, write captions for those I want to display, and later to match up GPS data with photos so that I know where each one was taken. My wife and I returned to Europe on a cruise ship and I had no problem finding a nice quiet corner in various lounges where I could do my stuff during the day. I even put on a photo show for a group of folks on the cruise. I also recently bought some of those little USB-2 memory chip devices (you know, the kind designed like a key chain?). I simply plugged the thing in, made me a mount point called '/mnt/stick', and it worked with absolutely no additional driver required or anything! Long live Linux and especially EmperorLinux! In addition, I have begun to take my Rhino to local area old-folk's homes where I hold slide shows for small groups of people who can't get out much any more. The Rhino screen gives excellent viewing from a wide angle and the audience loves it. Also, I'm really impressed by the battery life. I have been a Linux user since the mid 1990's when I installed it on my old 1990-era Gateway (it still runs, by the way). The point is that, even though I could have gotten myself a laptop and fiddled around doing all the stuff necessary to get Linux up and running on it, I was extremely pleased that I found that EmperorLinux had done all that stuff for me. I like knowing how it all fits together but I'd rather spend my time on non-operating-system-related (applications) tasks. As it is, I get the best of both worlds. If I want to, I can dig into the guts of Linux or I can do other things and know that 99.9% of the operating system stuff is as good as it gets. " (2004-06-04)
said ...
"I am extremely impressed with the system thus far. I've been on the Linux bandwagon since 1995, but this is the first time ever I've had a real "fahrvergnuegen". The system seems rock solid. Just connected to a remote site via minicom on the Raven to perform a remote emergency repair. Went flawlessly. (Just had to set software control instead of hardware control on the modem). Excellent manual too. Next big test will be firewire (still haven't received my analog video to firewire converter from Canopus)... I don't anticipate any problems. I assume the file system can handle the 1 Terabyte LaCie discs without major problems. " (2004-02-26)
said ...
"I do significant software development on Linux, and the Rhino M90 has been a real boon to my working environment. I really leverage the dual cores in my work, and the machine has been an excellent performer. Whether using the large LCD at full resolution, or attached to a high resolution CRT, my daily working enviroment has been greatly enhanced. The Rhino M90 has enabled a real productivity increase. And with dual-boot Fedora 5 Linux/Windows XP Pro, it is my go-to powerhouse for both work and play. " (2006-09-29)
said ...
"I have been very happy with the Gazelle which I purchased from you about a year ago. I was an SGI user (exclusively, I used to make colleagues buy SGIs if they wanted to use my computer model, a Finite Element Model of continental-sized ice sheets such as Antarctica or Greenland). My last graduate student was a Linux fan, and he convinced me that Linux on modern PCs was a capable platform for running the model (he ported it, the Fortran was easy, the graphics a bit more difficult since the model used SGI proprietary GL, which has more or less become OpenGL). I had a WindowsXP laptop, and I tried to port the model to that, but failed. WinXP graphics was just too convoluted and I gave up and bought the Gazelle (which runs X11 and OpenGL). The price was reasonable, the port was easy, and its performance was quite good (faster than the SGI OCTANE on which I used to run the model). I now use it exclusively. having the model run on PCs has made it much easier to distribute the model to other users. It is currently in use by researchers at University of Stockholm, Dalhousie University, Harvard, and a few others. I expect to buy another Gazelle in the next month or so for my current graduate student, and consider buying one of the light-weight laptops for travel (Gazelles are heavy...). Our department is considering buying a number of laptops and I will certainly recommend EmperorLinux when the time comes. One other point, when I had any difficulty with the Gazelle the support at Emperor has been prompt, polite, and accurate (I am more of a physics-fortran-graphics programmer than an operating system guy). Actual people answer their phones, there are no long phone menus, they transfer you quickly to someone who can help you. Email requests are also answered quickly." (2004-06-05)
said ...
"I was reading on Slashdot how HP is beginning to support Linux on one of their laptops and had to laugh. This Slashdot post is absolutely true to the letter and explains why I'll continue to recommend you and will purchase my next laptop (whenever that is) from you guys. Here is the link to the slashdot article. I couldn't be a more satisfied customer. " (2004-08-04)
said ...
"I've been using a Sharp MM10 for over a year and it's been great! Weight is 2 lbs with the standard battery, only last about 2 hours. So, I got the larger battery, adds another pound, but lasts forever. This unit also has a 10" display. I use it mostly at work to take notes during meetings. This way I don't have to transcribe my own chicken-scratching! And if I can find a network jack that works or I can hook up with a wireless AP, I can be a truly smart-ass geek with all of the answers! I got mine from EmperorLinux. I know the die-hard purists are going to scream, but I don't have the time to futz around trying to get every last feature on the PC to work. They charged $300 bucks for the service and I get access to new kernels that they build as they come out (2.6.8 was ready at the end of August). Every time I've upgraded the kernel, the damn thing just works! " (2004-11-15)
said ...
"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you, I'm quite happy with my new Meteor Laptop. I've tried Linux on a few different laptops with limited success, and this has been the best experience yet; you've definitely won a customer for life. Hopefully this is not a burden. :) It was such a relief to pop open the box, connect to my wireless network and see everything just work like it should. It was a tough decision where to buy a laptop, new/used, etc., but I'm quite confident I made the right choice!" (2004-06-03)
said ...
"Please add my name to those warmly recommending EmperorLinux as the supplier of choice for pre-configured Laptops. Having a business relationship with you makes the transition to Linux not only worthwhile but also enjoyable and rewarding. So far EmperorLinux is the only IT company that answers every call with a real human and not an automated message, more importantly you provide a solution rather than the empty and frustrating ticket from all other technology companies that I deal with. Since our first deal in 2002 EmperorLinux is my only provider of Notebooks." (2004-05-26)
said ...
"Raven has arrived! got the laptop today. probably going to spend good chunk of the nite playing with it. I have setup the wireless to work with my Apple Airport Extreme, it's flyin'. I haven't checked out the Microsoft partition yet, I'm enjoying the Linux one too much for now. thanks for great setup. your little book is perfect for a newbie like me, it got me going in no time. I'm gonna be bragging about this box for a while ;-)" (2004-09-24)
said ...
"Thank you very much for your excellent support last week. Our sales trip was a major success, and the Dell 8000 Rhino system we bought from you played a major role in that. We are most pleased with the system. " (2001-03-05)
said ...
"Thanks very much! I'll certainly be spreading very positive word-of-mouth to my linux-y friends! " (2004-10-05)
said ...
"Things are going beautifully with my new EmperorLinux Raptor W541 running Ubuntu. Everything works smoothly on it, and I'm using it every day for work and play, as I continue installing more software and tinkering with the configuration. Thank you so much!" (2016-02-19)
said ...
"Your support is incredible, better than anything possible from Dell. Being able to phone and email you, and other individuals on your staff, has made all the difference in converting my files and peripherals from Win98 to Emperor Linux. This includes the DVD reader/writer that I could not install on Win as the required software took up too much space. With Linux, these apps are not needed as "growisofs" works like a charm. Now I am appily backing up all of my music and pictures to single disks. Thank you!" (2004-11-15)