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EmperorLinux sells only systems with the Linux operating system. We are committed to providing the best possible Linux support on all of the systems we sell. Our product line is based on the best laptop computers from manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony, and Sharp. We do this because we are convinced that Linux is the fastest and most reliable operating system available today. This website and our entire office is 100% Linux.

We are totally committed to customer satisfaction. From your first contact with EmperorLinux through the life cycle of your system, we want to to have the best possible out-of-the-box experience with Linux on your laptop.

EmperorLinux is also committed to giving back to the Linux community. Our ability to test distributions and kernels on a wide variety of laptops allows us to generate valuable test information and feedback as new kernels and packages are released. In order to enable the bleeding-edge features on some of our systems (such as ACPI), we sometimes have to patch existing open source code, and we're happy to send those patches back to the project maintainers. Many of our past and present employees have been enthusiastic open source developers on their own projects, as well. We're willing to talk Linux and laptops with anyone, when we can find the time.

EmperorLinux is proud to be a friend of the Linux Users Group at Georgia Tech (LUG@GT). Our employees go to their meetings and have given presentations on Linux topics like make and LaTeX. (Actually, many of our employees are Georgia Tech students and former students.) At LUG@GT Install-Fests, we regularly install Linux on laptops for GT students.