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Hardware Warranty EmperorLinux systems enjoy full manufacturer hardware warranty support
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Many of our customers have become concerned since August 2006 over the recalls of batteries by several major laptop manufacturers. Sony is the primary source for many of today's laptop batteries; as a result, first Dell, then Apple and Toshiba have been affected by recalls. Now Lenovo batteries are affected, as well.

All systems purchased directly from EmperorLinux come with the full manufacturers' hardware warranties. This means that if your battery is subject to recall, you deal directly with the original equipment manufacturer: Dell, IBM, Lenovo, or Sony. System warranties vary in length from one (1) to three (3) years. Batteries are typically warranted for one (1) year; however, the manufacturers appear to be replacing all affected batteries at no charge, including those outside of their warranty period. (Please check the materials that shipped with your laptop or speak with our order staff for hardware warranty details.)

Although EmperorLinux shares an "Authorized Reseller/Partner" relationship with these companies, we have not received official word on any of these recalls. This is most likely because these companies realize that the best way to get a message out to a widely distributed user base is to go directly to the press, and, therefore, quickly to the public. To see if your battery is subject to recall, it is best to go directly to the manufacturer:

Dell battery recall (affects Latitude D505, D510, D520, D800, D810; Inspiron 8500, 8600; Precision M60, M70, M90, and extra batteries for these models, shipped to customers between Apr. 1, 2004 and Jul. 18, 2006):

IBM/Lenovo battery recall (affects ThinkPad T43, T43p, T60, X60, X60s, and extra batteries for these models, sold between Feb. 2005 and Sept. 2006):

At this time, Sony has not issued a recall on batteries shipped with their VAIO laptops. Sony's information about the recalls is available at:

Toshiba battery recall site:

Apple battery recall site:

This information was last updated on Sept. 29, 2006.