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Hardware Warranty EmperorLinux systems enjoy full manufacturer hardware warranty support
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All systems purchased directly from EmperorLinux come with the full manufacturers' hardware warranties. This means that if you have any hardware-related problems, you deal directly with Dell (Dell warranty policy). These warranties vary in length from one (1) to three (3) years and in the level of services they offer (Dell warranty options). Please check the materials that ship with your laptop or speak with our order staff for hardware warranty details.

As part of our support, we will help you determine if your problem is related to the installed Linux software, or is really a hardware problem.

Be sure to transfer the ownership of your new laptop from EmperorLinux to yourself. This change will take effect in 30 days (so it is best to do it before you have a problem.) Dell's support line is 877-671-3355. They will typically ask for the Service Tag (7-digit alphanumeric code) on the base of your system to initiate service. International warranty transfer can also be done on the web