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EmperorLinux provides the finest Linux installation that you will find on a laptop computer. We will give you an out-of-the-box Linux laptop experience of the same quality that you get when buying a laptop from a major manufacturer. (Or an even better experience, since we'll treat you like a person every time you talk to us, and the laptop will run Linux.)

Life Cycle of an EmperorLinux Laptop Order
Choosing a Laptop

The obvious first step in ordering a laptop from EmperorLinux is deciding that you want a new laptop and that it needs to run Linux. From there, things get more interesting.

If you don't already have a good idea what laptop you want or which manufacturer you prefer, we can help you narrow down your selections. Our Compare Systems table lets you sort through our laptops according to the metric you choose (e.g., fast processor or light weight).

The experts responding to your email and phone calls can help you turn your list of hardware and software needs and the things you plan to do with your system into concrete laptop suggestions. They will also talk technical details with you, to let you prove to yourself that we know laptops and we know Linux.

If you don't find what you want after comparing our systems and talking to our staff, there are still options open to you. If you already own a laptop and want us to install Linux on it and support it like one of our own, you can try our depot install service. If there's a system you're set on having that we don't offer, talk to us about a custom laptop order.

Placing an Order
EmperorLinux Gets Your Laptop
You Get Your Laptop
After You Get Your Laptop
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