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EmperorLinux is the brain child of Tulane University Electrical Engineers Lincoln Durey (Ph.D.E.E. '98) and Adriane Swalm Durey (Ph.D.E.E. '03). They and the rest of the EmperorLinux staff may be contacted here. We are dedicated to providing the best Linux laptop and notebook computers possible. We also provide Linux training and consulting.

We use what we sell. Lincoln uses a Toucan (T21 and T40, screen shot), and Adriane uses a Raven (X31 and BlackPerl Z505, screen shot). Jeremy has a Rhino (M90, screen shot).

EmperorLinux's main products are their Linux ultra-portables and mid-size power portables and desktop replacements. Systems are chosen for their reliability and performance under Linux. EmperorLinux is completely focused on Linux in the portable environment. Should you ever need technical support, you will be helped by someone who is a Linux expert. We are the fastest growing company that sells only Linux portable computers.

Our team of Linux experts goes beyond our founders. To learn about our current employees, and a little bit about their history of using Linux, check the roster below:

EmployeeLinux History
Lincoln Durey Lincoln's history
Adriane Swalm Durey Adriane's history
Scott Gilliland  
Ben McMillan  
Jeremy Moles  
Kevin Shelton  

We refuse to work deep in the bowels of corporate cinder-blocks. We avoid this by doing our Perl/C/HTML/(any O'Reilly book topic) work outside under the trees. If you are Dilbert, it's time to get out of the cubicle and into the forest with one of our laptops.

For a few more details about the company, please check out the one-page summary of EmperorLinux.