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Screenshots EmperorLinux laptops and notebooks in action
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Obviously, our various employees utilize a lot of Linux software in going about their duties at EmperorLinux. Below are a selection of screenshots taken from their desktops as they go about their daily tasks. Click on each mini-screenshot for a full resolution version.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1024x768] The WebElf spends a great deal of her time GIMP'ing and developing web content. This is naturally reflected by the screenshots from her original BlackPerl and current Raven.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1280x600] This screen resolution was only used on the older Kiwi models (now available only as depot installs), but it was a great way to fit a lot of screen real estate into a compact computer.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1280x768] This screen resolution was used on the Piranha (now available only as a depot install), but that system comes loaded with so many hardware options that it's hard to complain about a little thing like an unusual screen resolution.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1280x800] This screen resolution is unique to the new SilverComet. Now there's a light-weight laptop with an internal CDRW/DVD, and a screen that can do them justice. This shot also demonstrates that you can still maintain your overwhelming levels of communication in Linux (with tools like Gaim), as well as do WSIWYG document editing.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1280x1024] The Gazelle is ideal for both work and play, providing ample screen real estate for both. This screen shot from an older Gazelle includes the current version of Open Office (and a recent presentation Lincoln gave about starting a business) and XMMS (with a graphic equalizer), along with the other obligatory toys. (Newer Gazelles are boasting even larger screens with a higher 1920x1200 resolution.)
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1400x1050] Lincoln uses his Toucan to keep up with all the day-to-day operations of EmperorLinux, from editing the manual to balancing the books. He also uses his laptop to keep us all entertained, musically speaking, of course.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1600x1200] EmperorLinux tests all of its systems before sending them out to customers, as demonstrated by this Toucan screenshot. X, sound, and networking are just a few of the components tested.
[EmperorLinux Screenshot: 1920x1200] The Rhino and Gazelle share this unusual screen resolution, one that is admirably suited to playing widescreen DVDs. Our sample Rhino screen shows us doing several of the office tasks we use Linux for on a day to day basis: keeping up our books with GnuCash, coding, keeping a Palm Pilot synced with our Linux box, and, of course, making screen shots in The GIMP.