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Laptops come with a wide variety of ports: parallel, serial, VGA, USB, audio, and more. Each manufacturer, and each system, has its own unique arrangement of those ports. This page lets you see where the ports on our Linux laptops are located on the machine. Click on the port view to see a larger image.

Toucan T60
Left [Toucan T60 Ports:  Left]
Right [Toucan T60 Ports:  Right]
Raven X60
Left [Raven X60 Ports:  Left]
Right [Raven X60 Ports:  Right]
Caiman ATG
Back [Caiman ATG Ports:  Back]
Left [Caiman ATG Ports:  Left]
Right [Caiman ATG Ports:  Right]
Koala D420
Back [Koala D420 Ports:  Back]
Left [Koala D420 Ports:  Left]
Rhino D820
Back [Rhino D820 Ports:  Back]
Left [Rhino D820 Ports:  Left]
Right [Rhino D820 Ports:  Right]
Rhino M90
Back [Rhino M90 Ports:  Back]
Left [Rhino M90 Ports:  Left]
Right [Rhino M90 Ports:  Right]
Front [Rhino M90 Ports:  Front]
Tiger D520
Back [Tiger D520 Ports:  Back]
Left [Tiger D520 Ports:  Left]
Right [Tiger D520 Ports:  Right]
Tiger D620
Back [Tiger D620 Ports:  Back]
Left [Tiger D620 Ports:  Left]
Right [Tiger D620 Ports:  Right]